bryan? (totally) (taylor_series) wrote,
bryan? (totally)

I feel like I'm taking blind stabs in the dark. I'm trying to conform to a hundred different specs, none that i have ever seen the inner workings of. I could make it unbelievably detailed but then no one would understand, I could make it stupidly simple but then no one would buy. I have a compromise, it's written. It's reasonable. Not perfect, but is it acceptable? If so, that will only be by the first persons standards. What about 2..n? What will their specs say? What kind of flexibility will they have? I need to know that infinite rewrites both on paper and in my mind are actually amounting to something. It's been done before many times, in many similar ways, but always for a specific audience. Know them. And hope that every single one down the line on all sides understands that you have to give a little to make it work. I think I nearly lost it in the past couple hours but I just need to calm myself down and think rationally, even if it means a change in the course. It probably won't, and if it does then it is only a slightly different path to the same place, not an entirely new destination. And it probably won't be too far out of the way, neither... I hope.
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