bryan? (totally) (taylor_series) wrote,
bryan? (totally)

HOT ONE. "Nato" (Nathan Larson's moniker in the band) was great, and in beautiful form. In fact, everyone was. The guitarist was jumping around and being as flashy and glammy as possible. Drums were tight, and the bassist Emm Gryner showed a lot of passion with not only the bass but also the backup vocals. The album is a compact one, only 30-40 minutes, so there were some nice live interludes included which took the form of them playing Spiro Agnew and other snippets of politicians over the loudspeakers. The songs were briefly explained by Nathan, the first in the set was 'Get your Priest On!,' which he explained as a song about priests fucking children, and then immediately following was 'Fuckin',' a song he explained as politicians fucking children. 'Pistol whip me,' a tune about police abuse, was pulled off masterfully .. of course any song that highly associates police abuse as sexual fetishism has to be good, right? My favorite album cut, 'Waiting on the Rapture,' was wonderfully performed. A song described as "about Jesus," he asked if everyone likes Jesus .. trick question? Naw, he said everyone should like Jesus. I agree, he had some damn good ideas. There was another song about Him, the one they finished their proper set off with, '... if God is on my side.' Only a few people were shouting and clapping for an encore, I did my best to get them back out, but in spite of the limp reaction from the rest of the crowd they still came back out to do one encore, 'Children of the Revolution' by T.Rex. Really summed up their statement I thought, and was a fitting ending to a brief but kick-ass show.

Also, 'Snow Angel' was dedicated to FEMA for their (in)action in Katrina matters. And before "Do the Coup D'Etat" Nathan mentioned something about a coup in Fiji recently ... hey, at least now there is an instructional dance number for it now!
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