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What a fun day I had today, the perfect "end" to a great long new years weekend. Friday night I went to go see 'blood diamond' with phil & marilyn who are in town this week from Switzerland. On Saturday Melissa and I went to IKEA in Burbank (I had never been) and I was able to procure a few energy saving compact fluorescent lightbulbs for the house, and I got an organizational collapsible mesh tube which, while it was in the kids section, should save me some cabinet space if I ever get around to putting it up. We also went to the pet store to buy some crickets, but before that there was a collectible place a few doors down that I wanted to look at, and they mostly had action figures from various movies. I did notice that they had the same Darth Vader mask action figure carrying case which I still have somewhere around here and it was going for $99! Then we went home and made some cookies for new years, which turned out scrum-diddly-umpcious. The next day we were supposed to go and see melissa's aunt, but her phone was turned off and didn't call us back until it was late and we were already out on a walk. Even though that fell through it was fun going out on the walk that turned into a 4 mile hike south of Ventura. Yay for an awesome girlfriend. On the way there she took some beautiful pictures .. the single shot I tried to take was marred by the fact that there weren't any good places to steady the camera. In the middle we stopped at a nice little restaurant on the boulevard and ate dinner. Later for new years we partied at a small get together with phil & marilyn. Monday was mostly spent recovering from the late night before.. and today I went out on a bike ride with bryan and we ended up over at adam's place hanging out for a couple of hours. He was very gracious to let us come by because we were interrupting his work, but it's always good hanging with adam. Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures soon from my recent outdoor adventures with bryan.
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