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5 Movies Meme

From kappadarappa!

Name 5 movies you've *HAPPILY* seen repeatedly (or, if you haven't, 5 that you would happily see again). Post this in your LJ or, in the spirit of meme and spam-mail ultimatum, your TV and sound-system will break. Those of you with HD home theater systems are especially screwed.

1) L.A. Confidential
Good Cop, Bad Cop? This movie tackles everything from politics, racism, and corruption and stretches the limits of what a genre film can be. Plus, I'm a sucker for movies set in Los Angeles (see Chinatown)!

2) The Seventh Seal
Now here is some heavy viewing. Bergman always knows how to place difficult subjects into a context that is though provoking yet still digestible. With The Seventh Seal, he gets right to the point as Death is introduced as a character in the first five minutes!

3) Naked Lunch
Seeing this one more than once is almost a requirement if you are going to see it at all. It is set across different planes of existence, so don't walk in expecting a linear narrative. Not only is there so much attention to detail in this movie, but it all fits together in such a beautiful way.

4) Glengarry Glen Ross
It's got the feel of a play since it was adapted from one. It showcases both great actors and acting all around, with a bunch of quotable lines. And even a nice quick appearance from Alec Baldwin who steals the show.

5) American Psycho
Hilarious! I'd write more about this movie, but I have to go return some videotapes..
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