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How well do you know your rights?

A quiz from the book Beat the Heat by Katya Komisaruk

1. If you’re arrested, you shouldn’t answer the cops’ questions, but it’s okay to make small talk with them about sports, politics, etc. T or F

2. You’re required to carry identification with you at all times and show it to the police upon request. T or F

3. It doesn’t matter what you say to your arresting officers, as long as you don’t sign anything. T or F

4. If you ask an undercover officer, “Are you a cop?” it’s legal for him to lie and say, “No, I’m not a cop.” T or F

5. If you’re arrested and you admit to the police what you’ve done wrong, you’ll usually get a better deal in court. T or F

6. If the police fail to read you your rights when they arrest you, you’ll almost always win your case. T or F

7. If you chose to remain silent after you were arrested, the prosecutor can’t argue to the jury that that this is evidence of guilt. T or F

8. If an officer asks to see what’s in your pockets or backpack, and you say “No,” the officer can use your refusal as an excuse to search. T or F

9. If you’re arrested, but you’re truly innocent, you should ask to see a lawyer and then remain silent. T or F

10. Once you’ve said, “I take the Fifth,” to your arresting officer, nothing else you say can be used against you in court. T or F

Answers: 1.F 2.F 3.F 4.T 5.F 6.F 7.T 8.F 9.T 10.F
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